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Case Study

The I-EST- Case Study

Project I-EST (Israeli Engagement Skill Trainer) is a large-scale project of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Ground Arm, led and implemented by Bagira Systems. For this project, Bagira established and still operates a network of training centers for Israel Defense Forces (IDF) infantry units. The project is based on the EST system by Cubic Simulation Systems, Inc. which was modified and adapted in cooperation with Bagira to meet the requirements of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

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In the context of this project, Bagira implemented program modifications and developed unique simulation resources adapted specifically to the needs of the IDF. Additionally, Bagira integrated various weapon systems such as the Tavor and Micro-Tavor AR, Negev MG, MATADOR rocket launcher, mortars, et al., in the I-EST system. Every year over the past few years, tens of thousands of infantrymen have been trained using the I-EST facilities. In the context of their training activities, they fired millions of rounds of ammunition.

The I-EST system is used for basic training as well as for maintaining the competence of regular combat forces and reserve units. Bagira employs teams of instructors at each training facility. Every one of our instructors is a reservist Israel Defense Forces (IDF) infantry officer, who serves as a source of professional knowledge and can assist the training forces. Bagira also employs a nation-wide maintenance team to ensure that the facilities are functional 24/7, without disrupting the client's operations.

In response to the client's specific requirements, Bagira developed a unique mobile platform (MECS = Mobile Expandable Container System) that delivers the I-EST training facility to the forces in the field. The MECS systems travel to numerous locations throughout Israel to help the combat forces train during ongoing operational engagements. The success of the MECS platform has led the US Army to purchase the system for evaluation purposes.