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magazine Case Study

MAGNET Magazine Case Study

The MAGNET Magazine in the IDF

Laser Engagement Training Systems (e.g. MILES) enable force-on-force training using a simulated firing device and an impact sensor system that provides a truly realistic training experience. Simulation training using such systems normally requires the use of blank ammunition, which significantly increases the training costs. In addition to the cost aspect, the use of blank ammunition compels the user to implement additional safety measures such as dedicated magazines and muzzle plugs.

The MAGNET Magazine by Bagira Systems is a device that complements the Laser Engagement Training System. It provides a solution to the need for realistic training while eliminating the need for blank ammunition. This helps to minimize costs, streamline logistics and significantly improve the safety standards.

The Magnet Magazine enables low-cost training at any time and location. The IDF use thousands of these devices to improve trooper competence while significantly reducing training costs.

The magazine has passed the mandatory IDF tests for durability under harsh environmental conditions and is MIL-STD-810G certified. Client ROI is immediate. In the case of the IDF, for example, the use of this magazine has already saved millions of dollars.

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