Case Study

HCT - Case Study

Howitzer Crew Trainer in the IDF

The Howitzer Crew Trainer was developed, adapted and operated by Bagira in cooperation with VHM (Van Halteren Metaal BV).

The trainer is in use in many countries and offers a unique solution that enables training in an environment that fully simulates reality (including recoil, weight and ballistics). In the IDF, this trainer is used for training individual artillerymen or complete artillery batteries. Thousands of IDF artillerymen use these trainers every year, "firing" thousands of shells. During a single training session, the crew or battery can practice all of the stages of the battle, from battle procedure through the conduct of operations to complete debriefing.

Battery commanders are trained in the context of a scenario that simulates a realistic process as part of which they prepare the mission and command their crews. Each crew can fire dozens of shells in a single training day, while operating in an environment that fully simulates the relevant real-life situation, under no safety or budget restrictions.

In today's IDF, the HCT is the primary training platform for self-propelled howitzer crews and the main solution for the limitations associated with training areas, safety, and
ammunition costs.

The HCT has proven that the use of an effective training platform can provide the combined benefit of competence improvement and cost savings.