MAGazine NETworked

Tactical Training System


MAGNET is an infantry micro-tactical weapon training system that simulates the real thing regardless of location, without using real ammunition, under no safety limitations and while offering the ability to control the trainees, monitor them and generate an After Action Review through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

The system is based on a special laser technology with a command and control system that enables the unit to combine actual field training with virtual training resources, control the training activity and generate a comprehensive After Action Review.

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  • MAGNET SAT & Magazine
    MAGNET SAT & Magazine
  • MAGNET Magazine parts
    MAGNET Magazine parts
  • MAGNET Target kit
    MAGNET Target kit
  • MAGNET Magazine
    MAGNET Magazine
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    MAGNET app
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    MAGNET sensor
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    MAGNET player unit